Learn how to apply this ground-breaking model of ADDICTION RESISTANCE with your kids

The RAISING RESILIENT AND ADDICTION-RESISTENT KIDS program is based on this innovative model to help you minimize your kids' addiction risk, even if full abstinence isn't your goal.

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Dr. Kelly E. Green

Clinical Psychologist, College Professor, Parent

Dr. Kelly E. Green

Licensed Psychologist

I’m a clinical psychologist and a tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. I’ve spent the past 20 years studying addiction and providing evidence-based addiction treatment, and I’ve helped hundreds (maybe thousands?) of clients and students understand the risk and protective factors that influence why one person develops addiction when another doesn’t. I’ve heard so many “if only I’d...” stories from parents, students, and people in addiction recovery. I’m also raising three young daughters who have a genetic vulnerability to addiction, and my most important job is helping them navigate this world that will never be “drug-free” without developing addiction. At this intersection of my professional expertise and my parenting, I’ve witnessed myself doing or saying things that the Addiction Psychologist in me is completely horrified with because I see the potential it could increase my kids’ risk for addiction or other mental health problems. And I’ve become acutely aware of environmental and cultural factors that raise the risk directly or indirectly. As I’ve been working through this process by applying my professional experience to my personal life, I’ve encountered so many parents facing the same struggle. So that's why I'm creating this ground-breaking evidence-based series: RAISING RESILIENT AND ADDICTION-RESISTANT CHILDREN. These courses are based on an integrated model of nature and nurture factors that influence the development of addiction, which I developed as a teaching tool and now utilize with my own clients and children. My goal is to help you: KNOW MORE about substance use and addiction risk, FEEL MORE CONFIDENT in your choices and skills, and CHANGE your words and actions to reach your personal parenting and relationship goals.